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Moot Court Countdown: End of the Free Ride

February 8, 2007

And that’s it for the mandatory portion of this extracurricular activity. We finished with a winning record and (should) advance to the next round–SUDDEN DEATH.

Thankfully, we get a week off, so that should give me some time to get healthy. Because there’s nothing like a judge telling you, “Um, when you ask if a judge wants you to finish that question since your time’s up? Try not to look so disappointed when he says yes. I hope that was the Sudafed reacting.” Yes, your Honor, yes it was.

Because this week (and last, to an extent) have been a confluence of events that really should never happen all at once, I am completely and totally zonked. I have a big thing due tomorrow, and I’ve done what I can with it, so hopefully my best is good enough. I have a small thing due tomorrow, also, and that’s just going to have to get done sometime tomorrow morning. And then I have meetings and a big thing on Sunday. But see, the thing is, once Sunday is gone, things open WAY up. And let me tell you, I NEED IT. Big time. Because now? I feel like I should do some hardcore prep so I can go as far as possible in this thing. I hope my partner feels the same way.

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  1. February 9, 2007 at 1:07 am

    Sounds like you have been having a rough week!
    I was sick for my one and only moot court for 1L and took WAY too much ‘non-drowsy’ meds before. I still use that as my excuse for the semi-panic attack/anxiety attack I had during my ‘grilling’! But that is why I am doing law review and mediation competitions this year!
    Good luck!!!

  2. Ana
    February 9, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    Hope you are feeling better really soon – seems like you’ve had this for too many days.

    Good luck with this thing, that thing, and the other thing.

    Also, I love you for using the word confluence in a blog posting. Just saying…

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