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pushing procrastination to the limits

January 18, 2007

For all my good intentions to work harder this semester–and despite mostly actually following through on that–there are a couple of things I need to be working on right now that I just can’t bring myself to work on. OK, really it’s just one thing that I can’t bring myself to work on, and that’s mostly because it’s the threshold requirement for an optional activity that I want to do but just can’t get excited about.

So instead I’m reading through some amici for my clinic, googling recipes for tofu (I have a block of extra-firm that I picked up at the Asian market a few weeks ago), and obsessively worrying about grades, which are due today. In a bit, I think I’ll also start doing some preliminary research for one of my seminar papers so I can try to figure out a topic. Maybe I’ll also do some revision on my comment.

You see? Those last two things are things I can TOTALLY put off. That I am even contemplating working on them today just underscores how unmotivated I am to do this other thing. Sigh, gag, gag.

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  1. January 18, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    Whatever you do with your tofu, do this first:

    Press it with paper towels or (preferably) clean dish towels and something heavy on top (like a cookbook) and change the towels or refold a couple times to get out the excess moisture. Then marinate it with whatever you’re going to use. It’s a must.

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