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December 30, 2006

I have been on a major cooking tear this break. Of course, that’s not really anything unusual, since I always want to nest when I have free time and the weather is cold (or at least chilly. Seriously, it’s been a pretty pathetic winter around here. Notwithstanding the big storm at the beginning of the month, of course).

Tonight, I wanted stew. I have the new dutch oven (thanks, brother!) and had all the supplies–you know, the potatoes and carrots and onions and celery and wine and broth. I bought stew meat the other day when we got home, too. So I pounced right in with a terrific Cooks Illustrated recipe, halved, of course, because I am not making stew for eight.

But as I jotted down the instructions earlier today, I thought to myself, Hey, self, what goes good with stew?? And myself answered, Well, self, HOMEMADE BREAD goes well with stew.

Problem: the dutch oven for the no-knead bread would be in use for the stew. And I did not have even eight hours to let the stuff rise, much less the additional two for it to do the second rise and bake. So I pulled out the stand mixer and did regular old kneaded bread. It’ll go in the oven right after the stew comes out. (Yeah, the stew braises in the oven. MMMMMMM.)

So I’ve been nesting today. Nest nest nest. I also did some writing. Yay, me! But mostly, I’ve been nesting.

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