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the rest of my life for the next two weeks

November 29, 2006

Classes are essentially over for me. I have four more class meetings, but two of those are presentations and one of the other two is a Q&A session. Realizing this brought home the enormity of what lies ahead of me–outlining for the semester. I really haven’t done much of that. And I always forget how long it takes me, when I start outlining, to ramp up to Getting It Done. It usually takes me a couple of days of putting everything in my outline before I realize that I’ve heard the material before and can pare things down.

So that’s what I’m working on right now, while I simultaneously get dinner started–with Mr. Angst’s help, thank goodness. And I’m also mulling over, in my head, the reorganization my comment needs, having met with my advisor this afternoon to discuss Where I Went Wrong.

Right now, it seems like there’s a lot looming ahead of me–and there is. I wasted a lot of time this semester, and I am regretting it now. But I have a lot of free time in the next two weeks, too, so hopefully I can spend most of that writing–writing outlines, revising my comment, and, oh, yes, taking whatever practice exams are available for my two exam classes.

Here’s to renewed RSI.

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