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looking into the abyss

November 28, 2006

Sigh. After a five-or-so day respite, I have been informed that I have 56 pages of nasty comments to review. Yes, yes, the word “nasty” was used. Part of me is afraid; part of me is relieved. The afraid part is fairly simple to understand–no one is thrilled to hear that their work is fit for any kind of nastiness. The relief part is also a logical thing–I wanted to churn out the first draft all on my own, and I did, but it was clearly a First Draft, and I am much in need of guidance as to where to go next.

I think this means the next two weeks will be full of writing–again–as I plow through a second draft, work on (starting) my outlines, and polish up other work due for my other classes. I guess it could be worse–I could be a 1L again.

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