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November 12, 2006

Along with all the other things I’ve been trying to manage lately, we had registration last week. Because our registration system changed this year, there’s not a lot of institutional history to inform our choices. So I was a little worried. As it turned out, I am glad I spent some extra time worrying about my choices, but I’m also glad I didn’t spend too much time. I got everything I wanted, including one seminar in which I think I was the last person who got a spot. (That class is why I’m glad I spent a little extra time worrying; I changed my bid for it on the last day, giving it a little more weight. And thank goodness I did.)

So next semester I’ll be taking a couple of “core” classes, a couple of “fun” seminars, and participating in a clinic. I’ll have more free time than I do now, even though my schedule will be less compressed. I think that’s because I’ll have an early morning class. It’s amazing what getting up early in the morning can do for your time management, yes?

But before I can even TAKE those classes, I have to finish writing my comment, work on the group presentation due in another class, and, oh yes, study for two exams. Lots to do in the next few weeks.

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