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Sunday grocery-blogging

October 22, 2006

Peapod came this morning and thank God. Because we were completely out of food–especially since I just cleaned out our (disgusting) fridge, throwing away tubs of leftovers that had been left WAY over.

One of the things I always forget to buy at the grocery store (or from Peapod, for that matter) is snack food. That is, things I can munch on between meals that won’t end up becoming a meal. For me, Goldfish and Cheez-Its are not snack food because, if I’m hungry enough, I will eat so many of them that I no longer want dinner. Snack food, for me, needs to be inherently limited in amount. Boxes of cheese crackers go on forever, and I can keep eating them forever. Not so with things like apples and blocks of cheese (cheese that I have to slice into, in other words).

This time around, therefore, I specifically thought of snack food when I put together my Peapod order. I browsed through the “aisles” on the website with snack food specifically in mind. And I ended up with some lovely brie and a half-dozen Honeycrisp apples. Add a box of gourmet crackers that has been sitting on the microwave for a while, and you have a pretty decent afternoon snack. Thin-sliced apples with smears of brie on buttery crackers…..yum. I mean, SUPER yum.

Now, of course, that I’ve eaten, I should be alert and energetic, because I have a comment to write. So I should do that. My stack of sources is at my side, the afghan is spread over my chilly feet, the dog is next to me (and making me laugh, because I keep throwing the blanket over his head and calling his name, which makes him stumble around under the blanket till he finds the edge and sticks just his nose out, thinking I’ve got a treat for him). It’s possible I should stop playing with the dog, since that means I’m not writing. It’s also possible I should stop blogging, since, though I’m writing, I’m not actually writing my comment. (That reminds me that I should compose a post about my writing process, because that’s something to write about around here. I know, it’s been really quiet around here lately.)

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  1. October 28, 2006 at 10:54 am

    I feel like we have so much in common. You could so be a kindred 🙂 Between the Cheezit addiction, not buying snacks, paintings on your walls, and keeping everything 🙂

    I’ve checked out your blog before but never really really looked and anyway just saying hi. If you were in my city, you should email me 😛

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