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October 7, 2006

I am sick.

This is not fun. Today, for instance, I am working on about three hours of sleep, since I couldn’t sleep last night, but all I’ve really felt up to doing is laying around and psuedo-napping. (And watching football…Boomer Sooner my tushy. That was a pretty sweet game.)

Combine my being sick with the lack of stuff going on that I feel comfortable writing about, and you start to get a lack of posting. I’m actually sort of fighting with this lately–how much am I willing to write about, am I being too cautious, am I staying quiet without good reason? Some things it’s clear I CAN’T write about–work I’m doing in my externship, for instance–and some things I’m wary of writing about–like, making decisions about my summer employment. Even classes, which are going well, aren’t providing me all that much to write about, since I’m just sort of keeping up lately.

So, sigh. That’s me right now. Sick and stumped.

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