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the cute and the sad

September 22, 2006

One of the funniest things we do with Himself is blow in his face. I know, it sounds mean. But it’s actually quite cute, because Himself smells whatever-he-smells on our breath and tries to BITE THE AIR. He licks and bites at the air and then stops and rubs his eyes because they’re getting dried out. And then he licks us all over, because he loves us.

In other words, I am so sad that we have to board him this weekend while we make a road trip to see some family (who don’t know we’re coming and therefore can’t give us permission to bring him to their house). I know he will make new friends (well, I hope he will make new friends), and will be loved on by new people, but it doesn’t make me any happier. I will miss my little man this weekend.

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