September 8, 2006

I am getting tired of wearing my suit.

Also, I just noticed today that my black heels, which are unusually comfy due to their rounded toe, make my legs look stumpy. I’ve been interviewing with stumpy legs. Boo.

Mr. Angst is out of town, so tonight I plan to draft some thank you notes, do some research for my externship, do some research for my comment, and watch some TV. Maybe not in that order. What I don’t get done tonight, I’ll do tomorrow or Sunday, since I’ll be home alone those days, too. (I do have a party to go to tomorrow night, so I’m not being completely anti-social.) Hopefully I’ll also have time to get my books cut, do my reading for Monday and Tuesday, and get some rest. This week has been exhausting.

Categories: 2L, 2L: job search, just me
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