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Sunday morning randomblogging

September 3, 2006

Sleeping in, for me, using to mean getting up somewhere around noon. Certainly, if I was sleeping in, I would not be up any earlier than 11.

So when did sleeping in come to mean getting up by 9:30? Having a dog certainly doesn’t make sleeping in easier, since I get up at 6:45 to take Himself out, but I am just as likely to go back to bed as not. So why am I losing hours of sleeping-in time? I think I know the answer, but I’m afraid to articulate it, since that might make it true. OK, fine, I’ll say it. I think it’s because I’m old now. Sigh.

One final thing: my earlier post on the good and bad reasons to go to law school? I recognize that my advice is not applicable in EVERY situation. I know people who have VERY specific goals that don’t include practicing law for the rest of their lives–but law school, for a variety of reasons, is necessary to meet those goals. Those people are not the people my advice was aimed at. My advice was aimed at the people who don’t want to be attorneys but who don’t know exactly what else they want to do, and figure law school can’t hurt. Hah. If you are willing to consider being an attorney, then, yeah, law school probably won’t hurt. But if you really don’t want to be a lawyer, law school sure isn’t going to help.

And that’s the last thing I’m going to say on THAT.

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