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August 28, 2006

Tell my why it is that UPS can’t manage to figure out a safe place to leave last week’s delivery, but they are able to stash today’s delivery behind the trash can on the porch?

Oh my God, that was a really bad sentence. OK, here’s the skinny. Last week, they wouldn’t leave my package. I didn’t want it left, so I had it rerouted to a friend’s address. This week, though, they were happy to leave my package on the porch, in a reasonably hidden place. I don’t really understand. Neither package had a signature requirement, so either could have been left with no problems. So why did they leave one but not the other? I’m not sure I like this inconsistency–what if I had ordered something expensive (like my suit, from last week) and they left it and someone decided to take it?

Even better, today, the day they decided to be creative and proactive and leave my package, is the day that it’s been POURING all day. So my box of coffee is pretty wet. That’s OK–inside, it’s happily vacuum packed and staying nice and dry. But again, this presents the question: Why leave it today, when it’s raining and gross? Did the UPS guy figure no one would be out prowling for boxes to steal today? I just don’t get it.

Also today, the day that it’s been raining all day, the post office decided to deliver my other textbook. They also left that on the porch, on a windowsill, where it too got nice and wet. It was in a reasonably drizzle-proof package, but still. Oy. Something about rain and me. Seriously.

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