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August 20, 2006

Himself is beginning his crate training.

Don’t get me wrong–he’s fully housebroken, we just wanted him to also be crate trained. He seems to be taking to it well. We have the top half of his crate off, and one of his favorite blankets in the bottom half, and he’s happily sitting in it right now, chewing on his foot. We’ll try putting the top on it tomorrow, and seeing how that goes. Or maybe we’ll put his bedding in it tonight, just the bottom half again, and see if he wants to sleep in the crate. He’s pretty easily trained, though stubborn when he doesn’t want to do something, so I hope this is a something he likes.

Update: We have been lavishly praising Himself every time he gets into his half-crate, and it’s working! He did try to pull the blanket out at one point, and sit on it outside the crate; I promptly put it back in the crate, and he figured out that the blanket goes in the crate and, if he sits on it in the crate, it’s pretty comfy.

So far, we’ve got his half-crate in the living room, so he’s with us when he’s in it. I think in a day or so, we’ll put the top on the crate, and do this whole process over again; and then in a few more days (depending on how things go), we’ll move it into the kitchen, where his bed is, and then replace his bed with the kennel.

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