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Saturday morning dog and after-party blogging

August 19, 2006

We have discovered that Himself is a voyeur. He has always enjoyed sitting on the back of the chair that’s in front of the window; today, I raised the blinds, and he has never seemed happier to be sitting there. He’s perked up, watching the people go by, keeping his eye on the other dogs on the street, making sure he’s keeping us safe.

Far too cute for words, really.

In other news, one of the downstairs neighbors (the one who plays the drums) sort of apologized to Mr. Angst for being so hard-headed last night. Notably, he was not the guy who told Mr. Angst to suck it up; we figure it’s worthless trying to deal with that guy. In any case, they are still moving out by the end of the month, and our landlord has found new tenants who, by description, seem like they’ll be better. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed over that.

Oh, and we didn’t end up calling the cops on the party, since they did turn the music down by 10:30–just enough, really, so that we WOULDN’T call the cops, but I guess that strategy worked for them. (We did call the police to figure out what our options were, and they were supportive of us, so we know it’s an option for the future, right?) Part of me thinks we should have called anyway, just because the one guy told Mr. Angst to “Go ahead, call the cops, I don’t care,” when Mr. Angst threatened that. I am sure he really would have cared if they had showed up at 3 am when the drunk people downstairs were screaming. Anyway, now we’ve handed out what might appear to be an empty threat. Sigh. Eleven days, now, eleven days.

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