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doggie update

August 17, 2006

We are well into week 2 with Himself, and things are going well, I think. We have our ups and downs–for instance, last night, he was absolutely MANIC on his walk, pulling like a complete freak for the entire time. But this morning, he was sort of puny, got a little sick, and then obeyed nicely on his walk. He still snaps and growls at other dogs.

[By the way, can I say to all you dog owners out there–please, PLEASE do not let your dog just walk up to other dogs without asking first. If my dog is doing well, and is fully prepared to walk right past your dog without any problems, but your BIG DOG decides to “be friendly” and walk right up to my little dog, it is hardly my fault if my dog barks, growls, or snaps. Also, don’t be on your cellphone when you’re walking your dog, and have your dog on his leash the whole time, instead of stopping to attach his leash when you see me coming with my dog. Please. And then, when my dog growls, barks, or snaps at your dog because your dog has invaded my dog’s space, don’t give me a dirty look and scream, “JESUS!” Again, not really my fault.]

So, yeah. In some ways, Himself’s inability to play nice with other dogs makes me a little sad; it also makes me nervous every time I see another dog approaching while we’re out walking. I am sure my nervousness is being telegraphed to Himself and, since he’s just trying to protect me, I’m sure that’s only making things worse. But I’m trying. And he’s getting better about obeying. And he loves on us so much.

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  1. August 17, 2006 at 12:28 pm

    It BOGGLES my MIND why people will just wave and yell “Oh, he’s friendly!” from across the park as their dog comes barrelling full force at my very large shepherd. That’s great that your dog is friendly but MINE is NOT, you idiot. Seriously. People are stupid and egocentric.

  2. August 17, 2006 at 2:21 pm

    When we lived out in the burbs, Dogness rarely hung out with other dogs and was generally (quite) unfriendly when she met one.

    After living in the city for a year, where she encounters dogs far more frequently, her manners are improving. She’s still not exactly friendly, but generally is more polite.

    So maybe Himself will calm down some eventually.

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