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well, it's SOMETHING

August 12, 2006

I wanted to make sure I posted today, because I’m trying to post everyday, just for the sake of consistency and practice and all that good stuff. But I’m having trouble figuring out what to write about. I could write about the things I see everyday that annoy me (men in short shorts, girls with their bellies hanging out, packs of people crowding a sidewalk who won’t move out of the way), the things that have happened to me that have SUCKED (like the biatch who slammed into me as I was getting off the train today, causing me to experience a slight nosebleed, and now my nose is swollen and I hope I don’t end up with a black eye), or how terrifyingly cute Himself is, especially when he rolls around on his back on the carpet right before passing out.

But are any of those things worthy of their own post? No, of course not. That’s why I put them in all in one post. And there you go. Some people have no fashion sense, my head and nose hurt A LOT, and Himself is snoozing on the rug. That’s my day.

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  1. August 13, 2006 at 3:15 pm

    Aw, that’s really crappy about your nose. Did she at least have the courtesy to apologize? No, I didn’t think so. Hope it heals quickly. 😦

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