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these feel like early morning thoughts, but it's not that early

August 4, 2006

Traveling always takes it out of me. Of course, the fact that I was completely wiped out yesterday might be due to the fact that we spent two hours sitting in a rainy baseball stadium on Wednesday night, waiting for the game to actually be called (ya know, gotta make sure I can get that refund), drinking beer; and followed that up by rising at 5 am the next day. And then we traveled, and traveled, and traveled some more. Despite a two-hour afternoon nap, I was in no condition to enjoy hanging out with relatives at the hotel bar last night.

But this morning, I feel somewhat refreshed. The hotel has internet access, so I’ve gotten some work done; there’s a coffee maker right next to the ethernet port, so I’m drinking myself awake; and I actually got to sleep in this morning–for the first time in ages, actually, so long as you count the time change. If you don’t count the time change, I got up at about the same time as I always do.

This is sort of a weird time to be out of town, and part of me is still unsettled by that. I have my last summer class on Tuesday, and I need to prepare for it, we pick up our dog on Monday, and I need to prepare for THAT, too. I’m away from school and campus when it might be nice to be around to ask people what’s up with OCI and other end-of-summer things. I feel like I just dropped out, right before a bunch of important stuff happens. It’s not completely unpleasant, but still feels strange and awkward.

The weekend stretches ahead of me, and I know that it will be exhausting in some ways. Seeing family who struggle to place you as “so-and-so’s kid” or “such-and-such’s sister” is hard enough; add in that my life has changed dramatically in the last year, and you have a recipe for long, drawn-out explanations of things that no one really wants to muddle through. Maybe it’s better to just tell people, “I’m in law school! And I’m doing well.” And then we can talk about baseball or football or someone else’s job.

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