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July 31, 2006

So our landlord is supposed to call tonight to discuss amending our lease and collecting our pet deposit, so we can go ahead and get our dog. (Who, I have decided, I am going to call Himself. Not because I think he is going to dominate us, but just because he’s one of those animals that is definitely a big personality in a little body.) So, anyhoo, I told my landlord yesterday to give us a call tonight, sometime after 6, since when I called yesterday, he was on his way into dinner. (He was very short with me, in fact.)

It’s 8 now, and I am beginning to think he won’t call. Not because it’s been two hours, he’s NEVER going to call! but because I just have that feeling. I’ve never spoken with him after about 4pm, and I have certainly never spoken to him in the evening. I get the feeling he’s just not one of those landlords who does his landlording at night. During the day, on the weekends, sure, but not at night.

So that means I am going to have to call him at work tomorrow. And if he still can’t talk, I’m going to have to set up a specific time for him to call me back and discuss this thing. Because I want to take care of this before we leave town this weekend (which is making everything more stressful), and I want to let the owner know that we are going to be able to take Himself. I don’t want Himself to end up in rescue. I want him to end up with us.

Maybe this is a strategy by our landlord–wait me out till I am so freaked out and stressed that I just flat out agree to pay the ungodly pet deposit.

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