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July 22, 2006

In general I believe the best strategy for getting the good stuff at the farmer’s market is to go early, when you maximize your chances of getting the best produce. I say this because, while I am sure you can get lower prices on what’s left by going later, you have to take what’s left and chances are that produce is not the biggest, brightest, sweetest, least bruised, etc. And if you are buying produce for eating, you generally want the biggest (when the price is per unit and not per pound), brightest/sweetest (for best flavor) and least bruised (so it keeps longer).

However, for flowers, I suggest the opposite strategy. Today’s trip to the farmer’s market yielded a bunch of brightly colored peonies for $1 because I was there in the last hour of the market. They are just as bright and beautiful as flowers earlier in the day but not worth the waste of transporting them back for the seller.

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