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Night 1, Done

July 9, 2006

We spent our first night in our new apartment. It was a short night; we didn’t finish doing stuff until close to 1 am, and we got up at 5 am to do two more loads of stuff before we had to take our rent car back. But it was a night, and it wasn’t all bad.

OK, well, maybe it wasn’t great. We started with our brand-new IKEA sofa-bed/futon thing in the living room, but that just didn’t work. First, there was a block party in the area. Second, our neighbors had people over AFTER the block party, and they were sitting on their front porch, being loud. Third, the train runs close to our building (like, reach out and touch close) and they’re doing weekend construction on that segment, so there were chainsaw noises.

Once we moved the bed into the bedroom, though, things got better. The bedroom doors close tightly against the floor and it’s at the back of the building and the window appears to be a better window. So we slept for four hours, got up, moved some more stuff, and came back to crash for three more hours.

Right now, I think we’re both a little shellshocked. We knew our street was a lively street and there would be street noise. But we didn’t know how MUCH street noise, and we didn’t know our windows would let in so much of it. This morning, though, we discovered why the windows let in so much noise–they are open at the top. Somehow, the upper panes are sliding down in the frames, and each window appears to be open about an inch or two at the very top. So we’re going to have to do something about that. More to the point, our LANDLORD is going to have to do something about that. It will give him a chance to see our paint job…hehehe.

So the move is going…OK. We have a lot of stuff left at the old apartment, including all of our food, cleaning supplies, and a lot of cables and things that we’d like to have HERE. Oh, and all of our real furniture.

This week will be one of the least fun of my life, I think, but when it’s all over we’ll be living in a new apartment in a new neighborhood with more space and a better kitchen. Right now, looking at the old place and the new place, I feel like it’s a wash–neither wins out over the other. Hopefully I’ll feel differently about that in a couple of weeks.

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