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It's the first, but no one told them

July 1, 2006

Today is the first day of our new lease. So we went up there to get our keys and pay our rent. We also took one suitcase, filled with my shoes.

What we discovered when we got up there is that the boys who were living there are not fully moved out. At all, in fact. Furniture is still there, along with general “stuff.” The place was still a pit, just like it was when we saw it when we signed our lease. The cleaning ladies were there, scrubbing the kitchen at the same time as the guys were moving things out, a piece at a time.

This all makes me sigh a little bit. I mean, we hadn’t planned to move in a bunch of stuff today, but it’s sort of maddening to show up and realize that we can’t even revel in the clean-and-emptiness of the place today.

So, tomorrow, we’ll go back up there, take some video of it (for the records, you know), some pictures, and a couple more suitcases worth of stuff (probably some clothes and hangers, so we can throw things in the closet). And THEN we can revel in the clean-and-empty. And contemplate the best way to convey to the landlord that at least one wall desperately needs to be painted. Because when you let your tenants have a dartboard on a wall, little holes and chips in the paint are going to result.

And those poor cleaning ladies are going to earn their keep today. Seriously. SO GLAD it’s not me having to clean up.

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  1. July 1, 2006 at 3:32 pm

    This is an exam question. Was your landlord required to deliver you possession? Because he didn’t, not while there were holdover tenants.

    At minimum, get your rent back for the days when possession was not yours.

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