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time sure does fly

June 23, 2006

Mr. Angst and I will be fully moved in to our new place in three weeks and one day. And, actually, we will have all of our boxed stuff (clothes, dishes, lamps, books, etc.) moved in TWO weeks and one day.

As of this moment, right now, we have packed exactly ZERO boxes.

I am not sure if this makes me nervous or not. We HAVE the boxes themselves, but we haven’t done anything with them. And I’m not really sure how much I WANT to do with them right now. Part of me thinks packing rapidly and just going makes a move less traumatic. So things get tossed in a box with little organization. Big deal. You can always organize when you UNpack, right?

Thing is, that sort of move, while easier on this end of things, makes the other end so much more stressful–and I am so excited about our new apartment that I don’t want that end of it to be awful. So maybe tonight I’ll pack up a box or two of books, just to make myself feel better. And maybe I can fill a suitcase or two with clothes or shoes, so I can point to something and say, “See! I packed!”

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