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the day, it is full of possibility

June 15, 2006

I was supposed to have a meeting this morning at 11, but it was cancelled at the last minute (well, rescheduled). This is fine with me, though it did leave me with something of a hole in the middle of my day. So I’m sitting here on my couch, doing some work (and posting), wondering how to fill the time I had already allotted for that meeting.

Options include:

  1. getting a manicure (this is not a bad idea, since I have a nail that either needs a repair or is going to get cut off all the way down to the quick)
  2. getting a pedicure (also not a bad idea, since it’s summer and I’m wearing sandals so much, but my feet are…um…not pretty)
  3. taking myself and my laptop to a coffee house and working (gets me out of the house, at least)
  4. shopping for clothes (I need some new shirts)
  5. going to the pool (disadvantage: may take up too much of my day)

What do you think?

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