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things NOT to start your day with

June 7, 2006

Mr. Angst has been sick this week (during his finals, no less, which really sucks), so we went to bed super-early last night. Like, at 10pm. I really can’t remember the last time we got to bed before 11:30, so this is sort of big.

The benefit of going to bed early is that you tend to wake up earlier–sometimes, like this morning, before the alarm even goes off! So I got up early, thinking that today would be SO PRODUCTIVE, since I was refreshed and had TONS of time to get ready for the day.

Until my blowdryer decided not to work. First, I tried the test-reset buttons four or five times–nothing. So I moved into another room, thinking that maybe the plug in the bathroom was being persnickity. Nothing in the other room, either. So I put the blowdryer away and made coffee, thinking it might just need a rest. I tried it again, ten minutes later. Nothing.

The thing that is most annoying is that this blowdryer is not that old. I had a blowdryer that I got in HIGH SCHOOL, when I had about ten pounds more hair, and I used it through college, and past college–all told, I think that dryer lived a good eight years. This one, the one that died today, is MAYBE two years old. MAYBE. And it’s not like my high school blowdryer was a fancy expensive one.

So now I have to find time to go buy a new blowdryer. Pffft.

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