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it's about DAMN TIME

May 23, 2006

Our apartment building FINALLY turned on the air conditioning. Yes, yes, I know it was only 62 degrees yesterday, but the sun burns into our apartment all afternoon, making it a good 15 degrees hotter than the outside. Nothing is worse than walking in the door to your sauna/apartment after a hot walk home, lugging bags. And today…today it’s over 70, with no more coolfronts in the future.

So, YAY, they turned the AC on. BOO, however, for them turning it on at the least efficient time possible–4:00 pm. Right when the aforementioned afternoon sun is aforementionedly burning into our apartment. It’s OK, though. We have to go look at a couple of apartments in a bit anyway, so hopefully when we get back, things’ll have cooled off in here.

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