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loving where you are

May 21, 2006

It’s been a relaxing Sunday. I cleaned our kitchen and straightened up part of the rest of the apartment. I think my motivation was, in part, that, if we lost the “perfect” apartment, I wanted our current home to be as comfortable as possible. That also perhaps explains why I also baked a loaf of bread.

A cousin of mine was in town this weekend, so we had lunch with her and her husband today. They were both enjoying their trip to Our Fair City, and were so enthusiastic about being here, and it was infectious. It reminded me of what I like about being here. It’s hard sometimes, when the only people I see are my classmates and my husband, to feel like this city is any different from any other place I could have lived in. I don’t think I’ve had much opportunity to really fall in love with this place, even though I’m happy here.

The apartment hunt doesn’t really inspire love, which is sad. This time now, while we’re looking for a new home, should be an opportunity to find a neighborhood and become entranced with it. The experience so far, however, has been less than pleasant. I’m looking at a few more places this week, so hopefully things will improve. I need some more love in my life.

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