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searches (and responses)

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sponges reproduce sexually: Nuh uh! Oh, OK, maybe they do sometimes. Lucky sponges, they get the best of both worlds, I guess.

Mario 3 beaten in three minutes: Dude. Not possible.

show me your tramp stamp: You first.

have you ever danced with the devil under the pale moonlight: Oddly, I am the sixth result on Google for this one.

having a baby as a 1L: I didn’t.

narrow-heels wooden floors: I’d think they’d be loud.

“jodi Foster” revolution iran film: I honestly have no idea what this is about.

women marrying last names: I think they mostly prefer to marry people. I’m not sure marrying a last name is legal.


Three down, one to go

April 30, 2006 Comments off

I took one more exam today. It wasn’t necessarily what I expected, but I think everyone is in the same boat, since this was only the second exam he’s ever given and he wouldn’t let us look at the first one.

This evening, I’m going to start working on studying for my last exam, the really hard one that makes my brain go “Ouch!” I’ve done some work on it so far, but not a lot, and I need to snythesize stuff in a big way. Normally, I’d take the rest of the day after an exam off, but I feel like I sort of slacked around this weekend and didn’t really do as much preparation as I claimed to. So taking another afternoon off is probably a bad idea. Never fear, though, it’ll be an easy-going evening. But work will be done; it has to be.

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