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see kristine? see her new outlook?

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It’s sort of amazing how much less onerous studying suddenly is. I found myself unable to get any work done at home last week, for instance. Yet today, I’m being quite productive without having stepped foot outside. It helps that I exercised my rights as a tenant in the entirety of the desk and big monitor, so I’m actually at a workspace instead of on the couch. I also adversely possessed Mr. Angst’s good headphones, so I can listen to whatever I want without my ears hurting (those iPod headphones really make my ears ache).

If the above paragraph didn’t tip you off, I’m studying property today. Meanwhile, James Taylor is crooning at me, I’ve eaten a healty lunch, there’s a reasonably fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen, and the sun is shining in the windows. (It’s below 50° outside, so the sun is actually nice right now, instead of a heat lamp.) In other words, it’s not a bad day, considering it’s exam season. I wish studying were always this…um, what’s the word? Not delightful, but at least comfortable.

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