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Is it really Saturday? During exams I lose all sense of days.

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I guess the harried pace of the last three days was worth it. I finished a super-short Con Law outline today, the kind that runs with my analysis of a constitutional problem, and I completed an edit of my flowchart, that mirrors the short outline. I even took a practice exam today, and it wasn’t awful. Whew!

Tomorrow should be interesting. Practice exams in the morning, some review of multiple choice questions (since half our exam will be multiple choice questions), and an early dinner. Mr. Angst and I are going to see a show tomorrow night!

When we bought the tickets back in January, I didn’t realize (a) that the show was the night before my first exams and (b) that that first exam would be in the class I grew to hate. Of course, now, I’m almost glad. It will be a very nice break from the evil that is Con Law. Also, frankly, if I don’t know what I need to know by tomorrow night, three more hours of cramming won’t fix it.

This exam season feels well underway. We shall see how it continues. My bitching about Con Law will only last for a day or so more (tomorrow, plus, perhaps, a post-mortem on Monday); and then I’ll be moaning about Property. I really wish I had something more interesting to write about. Maybe I’ll post a review of the show we’re seeing. Or maybe I’ll post some more recipes. Or maybe not.

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