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today i'm in a good mood, so this is a relatively happy post

April 14, 2006

I’ve had my last Property class. Ever. Unlike my disbelief last semester that I had learned enough Civ Pro to be allowed to not take it anymore (though, of course, I am taking more of it), I can totally accept that the Property I’ve learned this semester is enough to last me the rest of my legal career. No, really! And, actually, this afternoon, I will finish Civ Pro. This time, I fully believe that I’ve absorbed enough of it to move on and take other classes.

Maybe that’s just an experience thing–I know more this semester, and I know how to absorb information more efficiently. Maybe it’s just that I’m tired, and need a break. Whatever the case, my first year of law school is all but over. And that seems right. This semester has just flown by, but in looking back, I definitely feel like I’ve been here a year. (An academic year, that is.)

Exams are coming up. I’m a little nervous that I haven’t done more work on my outlines, that I haven’t really synthesized stuff yet. But today, as Prof. Property talked to us about the exam, and about his expectations, and about what approach we should take, I felt a little bit of calm. I know how to take exams. That process, at least, is not so scary anymore. Sure, I need to figure out what to put in my exams–learn the law and all–but I’m not freaked out about the actual mechanism.

Two semesters in, I’m still sure that I picked the right path. Law school is for me. I hope the next four semesters slow down a little, though. I want to enjoy it while it lasts.

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  1. April 14, 2006 at 12:54 pm

    Biggest congrats on finishing up classes for the year!

    Not to be the bearer of ugly news, but Property is on the multi-state bar exam (so that means another wrestling match with it when you prepare for the bar). Civ Pro, however, isn’t…

    Good luck with exams!

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