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wait? this is TUESDAY.

April 4, 2006 2 comments

Well, shit.

Today started off with a bang when I tripped down the stairs and the high heel on my shoe caught the cuff on my nice wool pants and ripped a nice tear in it. In the CUFF. Right in the front.

These pants? Were expensive. The tear? Is ragged and LONG. I do not want to have to get rid of the cuffs to make them wearable; they are cuffed pants. I do not want to have to shorten them; they are the perfect length.


Update: It gets better. My early class isn’t happening because the prof? Just didn’t show up. So I got up early and dressed and dragged my butt here–tearing my expensive wool pants in the process–and I don’t even have class.

Update to the update: OK, so it turns out she didn’t flake on sending the email. Rather, the person who was supposed to send it accidentally sent it to the wrong class list. I would snark on that, but I’ve sent enough mistaken emails in my time that I feel total sympathy for him. Plus, today got generally better, so I’m not as grouchy now.

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