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It's still not Spring Break, officially.

March 11, 2006

Y’all, it is a BEAUTIFUL day. If my entire Spring Break were this nice, I would be SO HAPPY.

Sadly, it’s supposed to get cold and wet again sometime in the middle of next week. And today? Today I am in the library. Working on my brief. Working working working. (Yes, I am actually working and not blogging.) Phooey.

Also, I should note that, ever since I got home from the Apple Store last night, I have had ZERO problems with my power cord charging my computer. No freaky sparking noises. No strange cord-stops-charging occurrences (when I’d have to “reset” the damn thing by unplugging it, waiting a minute or so, and plugging it back in–a procedure recommended by Apple as necessary to overcome the some voltage safety feature in the damn thing). I even tested it by unplugging it from the computer, plugging it back in, turning it and wiggling it a bit, to see if I could replicate what happened to me last night, with the freaky sparking noises. Nothing.

Now, I still think something is wrong with my computer, and I’m still going to send the damn thing in for repairs. But I feel a little better about the whole thing. If they try to make me pay out of pocket, I’ll feel a little less uncomfortable about having them send it back and getting it repaired somewhere else.

OK. Back to the brief. No more staring longingly out the window at the blue, blue water, and the sunny, sunny sky. Snif. I want to be outside today.

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