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the things you discover about yourself after the sun goes down

March 9, 2006

I don’t do well with actual writing at night. I’m much better at editing at night, and writing in the morning. Odd, huh?

Tonight, after a yummy meal (fixin’s picked up at the grocery on a long, wet, rainy, windy, COLD walk home) and a good movie, I figured I should get some work done. But writing didn’t appeal. I need a quiet library and either a big table or an isolated carrel in which to actually write. (That’s so I can create two dozen stacks of Westlaw printouts and then freak out when I can’t find the ground-breaking Supreme Court case I reeeeealllllly need for a given argument.)

So I revised. Two sections of my brief have already been written, turned in, and returned with comments. So I went through and fixed them! Yay! Then I put them into my master document, fixed the headings, and checked my page length. It’s really long right now. Sigh. That’s probably not a good thing.

But I digress. My point is that, at night, and particularly at home, I just can’t do any writing. I can only edit. So tomorrow, during my break, I’ll have to hunker down in the library and make my little piles of printouts, and write. Probably Saturday and Sunday, too.

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