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February 9, 2006

Our new neighbor is SO LOUD.

She plays her music REALLY LOUD in the morning. So Mr. Angst went over to tell her we could hear her music. The whole time he was talking to her, I could hear her out in the hall apologizing LOUDLY, practically screaming, “I’m SO SORRY!” She told Mr. Angst–and our whole floor, probably–all about how some of her furniture hasn’t arrived and so all her stuff is on the floor by the window and that’s why it’s so loud. And while she’s telling him this, she’s wrapped in her towel. Well, not wrapped, more like draped. She had been in the shower. And she likes to be able to hear the music while she’s in the shower. So she cranks it up, every morning. Most particularly, she cranked it up THIS morning, the one morning my early class got pushed back to later in the day, and I was trying to keep sleeping because, well, I could.

Oh boy. Love new neighbors.

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