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just leave me here for now

January 31, 2006

Y’all, I have fallen into a hole called Appellate Brief and I am not coming out any time soon. Never fear, I’ve got my Con Law casebook (and $27 quarter-inch-thick supplement) with me, so I won’t miss out on any of that fun Commerce Clause action. Other than that, though, it’s just me, a pile of cases that all say the same thing, and a sense of total confusion as to where I’m supposed to pull my rules from. (NB: I don’t think pulling them out of the place I usually pull things from will work. Unfortunately.)

It’s OK, though. Don’t worry. I’ll be down here for a few days, but I should surface no later than a week from today. I’ll keep y’all updated as I sort the mess of paper into a pile for Things To Keep and a pile for Things I Printed In The Westlaw Lab For No Reason But To Waste Paper.

That is all.

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