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January 29, 2006

I’ve been wondering when the semester would start to work for me. I’ve been feeling sort of lost this semester. I’m sure at least part of it is that I missed the first few days of class, then I dropped one class and added another after the first week, and another of my classes was cancelled for two weeks straight. But even the class I’ve been to almost every time (Con Law) was feeling like a great big muddle to me.

I guess, though, it just takes a little time to get comfortable with the semester, because suddenly things are better. I guess enough time has passed this semester for me to feel more settled. The readings are starting to make sense and come together, the subject matter intersections are starting to surface, and my brain feels like it’s back into school mode.

Today, I was able to actually sit down and craft some solid, rule-based conclusions for my appellate brief (though I don’t actually have the rules fully synthesized, yet, eek). I’ve read 35 pages of Con Law and felt like I understood the jurisprudential shift the cases were supposed to illustrate. I feel intelligent again, instead of feeling like I’d just started law school all over again from scratch.

Honestly, if every semester is going to be like this, I can deal with it as long as I know that’s what’s going to be happening. I can totally alter my expectations. Still, I hope it’s not like this every semester; it’s such a waste of time.

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