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running tally

January 25, 2006

Letters/Resumés/Transcripts sent: 41

Number of days since first letters sent: 7

Rejection Letters: 5*

Rejection Phone Calls: 1*

Rejection Emails: 1

Requests for Official Transcript: 1 (Note that this had to be ordered, paid for, and will have to be sent from the registrar’s office. Pain.)

The last item on my tally is at least optimistic, as it suggests that if my transcript is to their liking, I could at least get an interview out of it. Also, I sent some stuff today to firms I know are still considering 1Ls for summer jobs (because they are the firms interviewing 1Ls during winter OCI. Not me, of course. Did I mention that my winter OCI interview got cancelled?). I also had a nice long talk with a friend of mine who has sent out something like five times as many resumes as I have–she’s gotten several interviews, but no offers yet. She and I commiserated. And she encouraged me not to get too down, since she knows that firms are still interviewing and considering applicants and haven’t made decisions yet. And I wished her luck on the interview she was headed to.

All in all, today was OK. I felt a little meh this afternoon, and I’m not sure why. But I feel better now.

*These could be deceptive; I got a call AND a letter from the firm I interviewed with.

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