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January 20, 2006

It’s been rain-snowing since mid-afternoon. But the ground is wet and it hasn’t been all that cold, so there’s been no accumulation.

But just a minute ago, I looked out my window to see big, fat, swirling clumps of snow coming down. Do you think snow beats ground temperature if there’s enough of it? I wonder. I don’t have enough experience with winter weather to be able to say, “No, the snow will just melt when it hits the pavement, and we’ll end up with wet, maybe icy, roads.” But that’s what my intuition says will happen.

I think I’ll make soup tonight, though. This is definitely soup weather.

Update: I posted too soon! The big fat clumps have made way for small, icy clumps, and my ears are full of the clicking sound they make on my windows. Tap-tip-tap-tip-tiptiptip-tap. No accumulations yet.

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