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i think i prefer the casebook method

January 7, 2006

Maybe I’m just out of practice, but last week’s reading for Comparative Law (that I’m catching up on) put me to sleep. It’s been a long time since any reading has bored me to that extent.

I’m still trying to decide if this bodes ill for the semester. After all, most of the reading for now is background–what is comparative law? what are the problems with comparative law? what methods should we use in comparative law? Still, it’s just really dull right now. I suppose it doesn’t help that my body clock is still completely out of whack from the two-and-a-half day jaunt to the West Coast and back (complete with absurdly early flights). And, of course, the reading right now is VERY academic–including a book written by a German in German and translated into English by an Oxford don. Oy.

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