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Happy New Year (Redux)!

January 2, 2006

Today is the REAL first day of the new year, as far as I am concerned.

I spent much of yesterday either sleeping or being sick. This, obviously, ruined our grand breakfast plans–eggs Benedict, mimosas, fresh fruit and french press coffee. Instead, Mr. Angst had toast and cereal and, later, pizza; I had water, more water, and, later, some chicken broth and toast. I also managed to put down some plain pasta. (I am not counting the things I ate which did not stay down. I’d rather not think of them.)

So today is the first day of the new year; yesterday, as far as Mr. Angst and I are concerned, did not happen. Our grand breakfast was not diminished by having it a day later and, in fact, included the most perfectly poached eggs I’ve ever managed as well as a lovely Hollandaise.

Can I talk about Hollandaise for a moment here? Before moving here, every Hollandaise I’d tasted included either cayenne powder or a dash of pepper sauce. It also always had a nice lemony tang (since lemon juice is supposed to be included in the sauce). Yet every order of eggs Benedict I’ve ordered in Our New City has been served with the blandest Hollandaise I’ve ever tasted. It’s like Hollandaise here is made of only egg yolks and butter, with no other seasoning. There’s certainly no cayenne or pepper sauce (and I got a STRANGE look from a waitress when I requested my Hollandaise on the side with a bottle of Tabasco so I could mend it myself).

I find the aversion to the heat a little weird, because this is not exactly a city afraid of spice. Marinara sauce around here is usually spicy; Italian sausage is, too. Most of the Mexican food I’ve had has been picante as well. But the Hollandaise? Nope, not spicy. You know, even the traditional French sauce includes paprika or some other spice.

Needless to say, my Hollandaise had cayenne in it (perhaps a bit too much, due to a slip of the wrist while adding it). Also, the eggs were just barely runny and instead of Canadian bacon and English muffins, we used breakfast sausage and puff pastry. YUM! I think, at least around here, I’ll have to stop ordering eggs Benedict since I know I can make it so much better.

So Happy New Year to all! I think my lovely breakfast was very auspicious for my cooking in 2006. I hope your year has started off so brightly as well.

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  1. January 4, 2006 at 5:44 pm

    If it doesn’t have the lemon and a little zip of something, it’s not real Hollandaise. It’s just a really fatty, flavourless sauce. I’ve noticed the same problem, and I’ve no idea why they do such a poor job.

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