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Car? What car?

December 31, 2005

One thing I haven’t written about yet is the car.

The car we drove during the Christmas holidays, that is.

Way back when, we left my little red car with my dad (actually, sold it to him, for one of my sisters) knowing that we’d have use of it during the holidays.

I’m grateful that we had the car to use; we could not have gotten ANYTHING done without having a car. That’s just the way it is in the South. And, really, in most places besides where we live (and a couple of other cities in this country). So, having use of the car was A Good Thing.

But, yet, it was a Bad Thing, at the same time.

First, the car has no air conditioning. It didn’t have it last summer when we still lived in the dead heat. Somehow, though, I could suck that up. But when Christmas day ended up hitting 84 degrees, I couldn’t handle it anymore. It was just ri-goshdarn-diculous. EIGHTY-FOUR DEGREES! On CHRISTMAS! UNACCEPTABLE.

So, OK. The car was hot. It was also SMALL. To be fair, it was always small, but that was never a problem for ME, since I never carried any passengers. But driving around with Mr. Angst made it seem a whole lot smaller. So the car was also CRAMPED.

Now add to the mix of HOT and CRAMPED the delightful factor of TRAFFIC.

I admit it, I have gotten spoiled. Basically, when I want to go somewhere, I take a train. Sometimes I take a bus. Rarely do I take a cab (in fact, I haven’t taken a cab in months). I do not wait to get where I want to go. If I planned to take a bus and the bus is not there when I am, I start walking and wait for the bus to catch up to me. It’s lovely, actually–I don’t wait for transportation anymore. And I am not used to sitting in traffic anymore. Not only does it make me crazy, it makes me tense, and that tenseness led to some serious tension headaches over the ten days of our vacation.

The car, then, was a mixed blessing. We couldn’t have bought all of our gifts in one day without it; heck, we couldn’t have done ANYTHING without it. But I would have come home with five hundred fewer knots in my back and neck and we probably would have figured out ways of visiting family across Our Old State that would have been astronomically more comfortable than doing so under the burning sun without an air conditioner.

I don’t want to drive a car for months.

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