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the finished product is good, but the experience left something to be desired

December 30, 2005

I went and got my hair cut today. It had been a while since my last one and the split ends alone warranted the expense. I also had a gift certificate to a local place–$25 off!–and I figured I’d use it.

First, the haircut is good. I’ve spent the last ten or so years trying to convince myself I looked good in long hair (that even includes the two year period where I had a pixie haircut). I have finally come to terms with the fact that, ten years ago, I might have looked good with really long hair but I no longer do. My face has changed as I’ve gotten older, as has my style. When I wear my hair long, it looks flat and boring or, worse, like I’m trying to hide behind it.

So I had the stylist cut it off and, unlike my cut in September, where I told her the same thing, this one actually listened when I said to cut it shorter rather than longer. (That is, somewhere slightly above chin length, rather than just longer than chin length.)

Really, there’s nothing BAD about the whole getting-a-haircut thing except the actual salon. It seriously felt like a cattle call. Maybe I’ve gotten really spoiled, but I figure if I’m going to spend more than $50 on a haircut, I’ll get a little more attention. I was shown around the place–which had twenty stylists chairs in a row, another twenty colorists chairs, and a good ten manicurists chairs–but beyond that, it was almost like I was on my own. After I told my stylist what I wanted, I was told to go get my hair washed, and “did they show you where that was?” Off I went, where I waited for someone to be available–the ladies washing hair seemed to be circulating from the sinks to the laundry–and then I showed myself back to my stylist who cut my hair (and I have A LOT of hair) in a blazingly short twenty-five minutes.

Twenty-five minutes! Now, to be fair, she spent an additional ten or fifteen blowing it out, but the cut itself was about the shortest I’ve ever had for that price. I expect at least an hour to be devoted just to me and my hair. Considering I was early to my appointment but they got me in the chair right away, I’m guessing my stylist milked an extra half-hour out of my appointment.

So, yeah, it was like a cattle call. I think I’ll pay the same amount to go back to the first salon I tried in Our New City, and just be a little more firm about the length next time. At least there I got a complementary hand massage and my hair was washed by someone I’m not worried is being underpaid or paid under the table.

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