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is this the end of vacation or just the beginnning?

December 29, 2005


Door to door, the trip took eleven hours, but it was worth every minute to get me home into my own bed.

Today’s tasks, then, are numerous. Go to the grocery store, since our fridge is bare. Work on my resume and cover letters. Watch Buffy. Color my hair (the gray is starting to look REALLY BAD). Unpack. Maybe do some laundry, although I’m not in dire straits. Check our mailbox, which I am sure is overflowing.

I’ve already taken care of some other tasks this morning. For instance, I’ve already emailed my professors to let them know I’m missing the first few days of class. Oh, I didn’t mention that? Well, that’s what happens when school starts on the 3rd. My father has a big thing planned and he’s taking all of us (except one of my brothers who didn’t want to go). So I get to miss three class days. So far, the responses I’ve gotten have been very nice — no one seems concerned about my absence, particularly since I’ve already lined up classmates to take notes and get me on the seating chart. One prof hasn’t responded, though . . . we’ll see how that goes.

So, there’s my Thursday. I should get my final memo back sometime tonight, so I can start revising it tomorrow (to use as a writing sample, sillies). Back home and back to work. But it’s HOME, so I don’t mind the work.

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