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halfway there is better than nothing

December 8, 2005

And that’s two down. Again, I won’t comment on the exam itself although, this time, I remember more about it. Maybe my brain is just acclimating to the whole experience.

I’d like to treat myself, now, since I’m halfway done. I’d like to go home and watch some TV and read some blogs and just chill. But our internet connection is down at home. We’ve called the cable company and they are clueless about when our service will return. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Who knows?

So since I can’t really go home, I ran an errand. See, last week I caved in and bought another suit because it was on sale and the store was having a special “additional 25% off!” thing. It was 50% off! How could I resist? I had to buy it online because the actual store didn’t have any petites. And unfortunately, the only jacket available even online was one size bigger than I usually wear. But it was a petite, so I figured I should go up a size anyway. And the store’s sizing chart agreed.

Hmph. No. It fits fine in the shoulders and hips but not in the waist and it makes me look like a box. So I took it into the brick-and-mortar store and had them pin me up and down as much as possible. I think the jacket is still going to fit a little like a box, but at least it will cut in where it’s supposed to instead of hanging like drapery. And they can have it ready for me before we leave for the holidays. Whee! Here’s hoping (and I have my fingers crossed, too) that the result is attractive. If it’s not, I may cry. Because that would be a bunch of money down the toilet. Maybe an independent tailor would be willing to fiddle with the front darts? The guy in the store refused.

Brain shutting off. Goodnight.

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