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i love stuff like this

November 4, 2005

This story is fantastic! (I’m a sucker for a brainy girl-hero story….)

Here’s a sample:

Suddenly, “I saw this bubbling on the water, right on the edge, and foam sizzling just like in a frying pan,” she remembered. “The water was coming in, but it wasn’t going out again. It was coming in, and then in, and then in, towards the hotel.”

She recognized it as an indication that earthquake-driven waves were only minutes away.

Tilly turned to her mother, Penny, “and I said, ‘Mum, I know there’s something wrong, I know it’s going to happen the tsunami.'”

OK, so not so great with the editing on the news story, but wow!

(I got to the story via Salon.com which also mentions that the beach in Phuket where the family was staying was one of the few beaches where no one was killed or seriously injured.)

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