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and here's my plan for november

November 2, 2005

Today, I was marginally smart in Civ Pro. I think Prof. Civ Pro actually knows who I am now, too. Given that our grade could be “nudged” by class participation, I think it’s good that he knows me. Hopefully, though, I won’t need the nudge. You know? I’d rather just do really well on the exam. Because I’m enjoying Civ Pro and I’d hate to do badly in the class.

Speaking of exams (because I was, didya notice that?), the school held an “Exam Tips” seminar this afternoon. The advice, overwhelmingly, consisted of the following: Get your outline done. Take practice exams, and take a lot of them, even if they weren’t written by your prof. Set a study schedule. Eat well, sleep well, exercise, and take care of yourself.

All good advice, advice I hope to take. I really want to get my outlines done before Thanksgiving so I can relax over the holiday and then fall to studying with a rested mind and body. Somehow, though, I think I’ll end up thinking some about law those five days anyway–we’ll be having turkey with at least four lawyers.

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