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time flies, but at least I know where it went

October 25, 2005

I’ve been watching that tracker over in my sidebar. Right now it’s counting down the days till exams begin. It’s a little weird, actually, since, at the beginning of the semester it was showing something like 99 days, and now it only shows 40.

That’s not actually the weird part. The weird part is that for weeks I watched it, thinking that exams could NOT be 65 days away, or 60 days away, or 55 days away, or 50 days away.

But now that it’s at 40, I actually believe it.

The semester is, of course, blowing right by me. How can it possibly be the ninth week of school? I only know so much time has passed because of my class notes, organized into documents by week. Nine weeks. Wow. No way, right?

Still, exams being 40 days away doesn’t feel so wild. I can look at what I’ve learned this semester and actually comprehend that I’ve absorbed something like 2/3 of what I’m supposed to. The big picture is coming together. More and more, cases read for one class are referencing doctrines and rules we’re discussing in a different class. Things are starting to gel.

Not to say I’ve got a grip on everything. But if I visualize what I’m learning, I no longer see a great big field of white with some splotchy messes strewn randomly around. That field of white is turning into patches of white, isolated from other patches of white by a spreading web of information. It’s like watching a fast-motion video of mold growing.

(I’m not really equating law school knowledge with mold, of course, but it is an interesting analogy: mold thrives in the dank and dark, feeds off the leavings of mankind, and can turn an entire house toxic….there’s a whole lot of subtext in that…)

Forty days to exams. Not so unbelievable.

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  1. October 26, 2005 at 1:10 pm

    I like the mold analogy… and it’s fitting… mold leads to toxic tort litigation which means more jobs for law students! 🙂

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