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I'm home, or maybe just back

October 24, 2005

Isn’t it strange how the mind will trick you, even when you and it both KNOW it’s tricking you — and you are happy to be tricked?

I love Our New City™. Law school is definitely the place for me. We moved 1100+ miles for all the right reasons.

But walking around Our Old City, seeing our friends, spending time with people we love is hard to beat. So there were many moments over the weekend when I just plain forgot that we don’t live there anymore. Things there are easy: I know what roads to take to avoid construction. I know what restaurants are on the way to the airport. I know how to tell a cab driver to get me where I want to go (except, of course, when he thinks I said “Quality” instead of “Holiday”).

Our Old City is a great place. I haven’t been missing it much lately, though. I’ve been so excited to be in a new place, experiencing new things, that I haven’t spend a lot of time thinking about home.

Maybe I’m feeling so nostalgic this morning because I’m operating on only a few hours sleep. Maybe my emotions are so close to the surface because last week was a really busy week at school and this week probably won’t be any better. The reasons don’t really matter. This morning I feel a little blue. Being home for three days wasn’t nearly enough.

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