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i'm a normal procrastinating law student, I guess

October 21, 2005

I realized that everything I write makes me seem like one of those crazy student bloggers who does nothing but read and work and study. And Oh My God, I am definitely not That Person. Here, I’ll tell you what my schedule is, for at least the first half of the week:

6:45 am: Alarm goes off. I snooze until 7:05, when I get up, shower, eat a bowl of cereal, make coffee, and dress. Sometimes I have time to read blogs or news–it all depends on whether or not I have to blow dry my hair.

8:00 am: Leave for school. I used to try to GET to school by 8 am, but I blew that off a while ago. If I got there at 8, I’d only have 45 minutes to do…something. I can’t get into my reading in that amount of time, I can’t find a spot in the library and start working in that amount of time…it’s just not worth it.

8:30 am or so: Arrive at school. Sometimes I get there sooner; it depends on whether or not there’s a bus waiting when I get off the train. If there’s not, I walk from the train.

8:45 am-10:00 am: Class. I listen. I also read the news, check blogs, and have IM open. I don’t IM much, except with my brother, so sometimes I wonder why I bother.

10:00 am-10:55 am: Break. Again, this break is such a short amount of time, I can’t really get any work done. I go to the cafe and get a snack if I didn’t have enough breakfast, or I run errands on campus (like the day I needed new highlighters and ran to the bookstore for them, coming back with a four-pack of highlighters AND a pack of tabbies). Usually, I end up in the classroom early, chatting with my classmates.

10:55 am-11:50 am: Class. Much like the other one. Online all the time. I also take notes. But I don’t transcribe.

11:50 am-2:35 pm: Break. I know, it sounds like a recipe for success, with getting oodles of work done and all. Not so much. Usually the first half is taken up by a meeting or panel or free food event. I go to the ones I’m interested in, but there are a lot of those. Sometimes I walk to a nearby deli or cafe because I forgot to bring a lunch and I don’t want to eat on campus. If I don’t have a meeting or something, this is generally a good time to get reading done–if I have reading to do. Usually I have my reading done a day or two ahead, so sometimes the best I can do is go over the reading. If I know I’m on panel or might be called on, I’ll brief cases.

2:35 pm-3:50 pm: Class. Like the others.

After 3:50 pm: My time is my own. One day a week I meet with my study group. This is a good time to get research done. Sometimes I stay on campus, go to the library, and try to get ahead. Mostly, though, I go home.

Home is where I crack out most of my work. I get half the week’s reading done on Sunday, usually, and then I have time throughout the week to make dinner, watch some TV, and even read a little fiction. (My brain is usually too tired for too much fiction, especially since I’m currently reading the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. Not exactly skimmable.)

I am not a particularly focused person, usually. I need regular breaks, but I also need decent chunks of continuous time. The evenings are the best for me to work because I can set aside lots of time but have no problems getting up to get a sandwich or watch a little TV or just go to the bathroom without having to find someone to watch my stuff.

I should say that Monday and Tuesday nights are the best nights for me to work, since Mr. Angst has class those nights. But that’s also good because I can get almost all my reading for the week done by Tuesday night, leaving Wednesday and Thursday nights to spend with my husband.

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