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and I'm spent

October 21, 2005

The week is over. I’ve turned in the assignment that’s due at 5pm today. I’ve taken my Contracts midterm (which we are going over in class on Monday….no grade or anything, just a chance to figure out how many issues I missed and what things I don’t get). I’ve got most of my cases for my research memo printed out, and I’ve put all of next week’s readings into the great big binder o’ love.

In other words, I’m going out of town. This week has really been tough, since I’ve had so much to do and it was sandwiched between my in-laws visiting and our going out of town.

But I managed, I’m still alive, and I actually feel pretty good right now. Oh, not because of anything I’ve done this week–I think I did the least amount of work for my classes that I COULD have to not be completely lost–but I’m doing OK. I rewarded myself by spending $30 at the tea store for some special Earl Grey and a new tea strainer.

Off to the airport in an hour or so. Maybe I’ll post this weekend, maybe I won’t. It depends on how guilty I feel about not writing my memo this weekend.

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